Toorineh Baft at AgroWorld 2023 Uzbekistan Expo

Toorineh Baft at AgroWorld 2023 Uzbekistan Expo

Agroworld 2023 specialized agricultural Expo focused on: greenhouse and horticulture tools and equipment was held on March 15-17, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Toorineh Baft, the leading manufacturer of agricultural protective nets, along with other partner companies in the field of greenhouses, participated in this Expo and introduced products, including: shade nets with various textiles, anti-hail net, anti-bird net as well as of raschel bag for packing different crops. The latest shade net textures in different colors for various greenhouse and horticultural applications for shading and preventing climatic stress of plants and trees were presented at this Expo. Shade nets have many applications in the agricultural industry of Uzbekistan and CIS countries, so the presentation of these protective nets in this exhibition was well received by the activists in this field.

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