Shade net for preventing sun burn in pomegranate garden

Shade net for preventing sun burn in pomegranate garden

Shade net is increasingly used in various fields of agricultural industry due to its easy installation and economical cost. One of these fields is installation of these protective nets in gardens. By installing a shade net, the intensity of sunlight will be significantly reduced and the fruits sunburn damage will not be occurred. Another valuable Feature of shade net is significant decrease in water consumption for irrigation of trees, which is due to reduction in surface water evaporation. The important thing for utilizing a shade net is choosing a suitable shade net which keep its quality and durability against the sun and environmental factors. Toorineh Baft Co. which has always been a pioneer manufacture of various types of protective nets has cooperated in a huge project to cover pomegranate trees in aim to prevent sun burning. The photos below are part of the process of this project.

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