Construction net for under construction buildings

Construction net for under construction buildings

Shade nets have different applications. One of the most common usages of shade net is construction net or scaffold net for building industry. Construction nets are manufactured in different colors and such as: white, green and etc. 
Nowadays using of cover for buildings under construction has been expanded widely, so that all builders have to use the building wrapper in construction. Construction net is manufactured to cover and protect building and workers who are work on scaffolding from wind and sunlight. Besides, Construction net provides a much better view for under construction buildings. 
Other products and options that have been used in some places have many problems and disadvantages such as: lack of durability against sunlight and raining, insufficient resistance, improper coverage so there is no reasonable sense using them.
Toorineh Baft Co. is the leader manufacturer of protective nets such as: construction net (building wrapper), shade net, anti bird net, anti hail net in Middle east and presented with 24 months warranty.
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