Raschel bag

In order to pack various kinds of agricultural products such as: potatoes, onions, oranges and limes, cabbage, carrots and etc.
The net structure allows the buyer to visually examine and do a quality check on the packaged goods at purchase time. The net structure also provides striking ventilation of the goods, which prevents moisture formation within bags.
Raschel bags advantages:
-Safe and easy packing
-Appropriate air ventilation inside bags
-High strength and resistance against tensions
-Economic cost price
-Several color variations
Raschel bag specifications:
The color and dimensions of Raschel bags would be designed according customer orders. Some of our routine raschel bag dimensions and capacity are as below:
capicity (kg) 7 10 15 20 30 40
dimensions (cm) 31×46 37×46 37×65 45×65 50×80 60×80
unit weight (gr) 11.5 13 19 24 30 38

In following video, you can watch our raschel bags resistance against hits and collisions during loading and transportation:

You can find more video about our mesh bag resistanse for others dimensions in here and here.
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