Red shade net for greenhouse and trees

Red shade net for greenhouse and trees

With the advancement of various studies and studies in different climates, the use of shading nets with different colors (photo selective) has expanded increasingly. Among the color shading nets is the red shade net. Red shade net properly modifies and adjusts the optical spectra entering the covered space, which will improve flowering and fruiting. 
Shade netting is often used to protect plants from weather, insects, animals, and other pests. red shade net protects the garden by keeping insects, birds, and other animals away. In addition, red shade nets help plants grow and improve the quality of the fruit.

red shade net

How does red shade net affect fruit growth?
Red shade netting corrects the light for the growth of the fruit; Plants, like humans, need water and food to survive, but thanks to their abilities in photosynthesis, they can create their own food from light energy. Filtering light with a red shading net allows the plant to reach only the light it needs for photosynthesis. Red color shade netting changes the spectra of the ultraviolet, blue and red ranges, which causes changes in the processes of STEM growth, fruit growth and fruit color. This greenhouse shade cloth can be used on a large and small scale to improve the wavelength of light. Red shade net is increasingly used around the world due to the increased growing and harvesting season, as well as the production of redder, juicier and more commercially valuable fruits. 
For example: peaches growing under a red shade netting have a red color and a very attractive appearance for customers. Red shade net has great control over the sunlight at the time after dawn and before sunset. These nets are designed to absorb the sun's rays and cool the soil temperature. Red shade nets have made it possible for farmers to produce fruits such as berries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, raspberries and other fruits. These nets also increase the temperature difference between night and day compared to the outside environment by trapping heat in them. This difference also increases anthocyanin and fruit color. 

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