Which factors effect on shade net price?

Which factors effect on shade net price?

Shade nets are available in the market at different prices. Several factors are involved in the price of these products:

1) Shade net texture:
Shade nets are divided into several categories in terms of production method and texture:
Tape shade net, monofilament shade net and mono-tape shade net. One of the determining factors in the price of shading nets is their method and type of texture.
Price of monofilament shading net is higher than other types due to the complexity and time-consuming production. This shading net has higher strength than the other two types. In terms of strength and price, shade cloth with mono-tape texture is placed after the monofilament net.

shade nets textures
2) UV stabilizer quality:

Another important factor in shade net price is the quality of pigment and anti-UV used in the formulation of shade net production. The durability and lifespan of shading net is most affected by this factor. The effect of these additives quality, can changes the lifespan of this protective net from 6 months to 7 years! In some cases, when buying a shade net, without paying attention to this vital factor, consumers have purchased shade net with low quality anti-UV additives that have lower prices and less useful life so during about two years, they will have to replace the installed shade nets.

Ensuring the quality of the anti-UV additive used in shade nets and their longevity against the sun should be done through advanced laboratories, which are difficult to access.
For this reason, the only way to check and assure farmers and consumers of the durability and longevity of shade cloth is to install it and pass time. Due to the fact that the amount and quality of the anti-UV additive announced by the companies and sellers cannot be recognized and measured, two important components should be paid attention for purchasing an appropriate shade net:
First of all, you should buy shade nets from reliable companies whose products are well known for their high quality and longevity. The second point is to buy shading net with a specific and reliable guarantee of use, so that you can be sure of buying a shade net with a long lifespan.

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