Advantages of employing Anti hail Nets

Advantages of employing Anti hail Nets

Anti-hail net in addition to protecting the tree from hail damage, reduces tree's stress and fruits sunburning. Researchers have carried out several studies on differences between the use of different anti-hail nets colors, light intensity and its possible effects on tree growth, sunburn and reduced wind speed. One of the important advantages of using protective nets is sunburning control. High light radiation raises the fruits temperature which would cause sunburning. Fruits absorb energy from the light and light raise their temperature like soil. Fruits are exposed to direct sunlight and its damages, which causes the temperature of fruit rise to about 7 °C above than ambient temperature. Protective net prevents these damages with lowest energy consumption. In 2015, on average, only 5 to 10 percent of fruits which were covered against sunlight were sun burned. While this damage increased about 25% for the same type of trees without cover by protective net (shading net). Protective net also reduced wind intensity by 40%. The remarkable point about using these protective nets is the lack of temperature reduction in the areas that covered by them. The only reason of cooler feeling is just because of reduced light intensity.
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