Improve in tomato cultivation by using shade net

Improve in tomato cultivation by using shade net

According to research on tomato cultivation, cultivation of this product cultivation under the cover of Shade net grows remarkably. Studies on tomato cultivation in two conditions; A. Covered area with shade net B. Uncovering area revealed that the efficiency of crop increased about 50% by using 30% shade factor shade net. The tomatoes grown inside the Shade House were shiny and juicy compared to the uncovered area.
Furthermore, tomatoes were attacked by pests in areas without covered by shade cloth. There was no significant difference in quality characteristics among the crops cultivated under the shading net, while the highest nutrient content was observed in 30% shade factor' shade net products compared to the uncovered area. The shade net protected plants from cold and frost during the cold season as well as sunburn in summer and had a positive effect on physiological properties of tomato plants and reduced pests compared to uncovered areas.
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