Guide for shade net installation and maintenance

Guide for shade net installation and maintenance

Here are some essentials points for shade net maintenance to improve shade net life time:

  • Shade net should be selected according to the dimensions of your environment. Stretching at the edges should not cause increase shade net width or length.
  • Building Lime, cement, sulfur compounds and chemical fertilizers have a destructive effect on the anti-UV compounds within shade cloth. If these materials locate adjacent to the shade net, they will strongly reduce durability and resistance against sunlight, and shade net will be out of warranty.
  • We recommend that, after receiving shade net packages, keep them in the covered area and do not expose them against sunlight before installation.
  • Shade nets should not be rubbed with sharp objects during installation.
  • For installation, Use coated wire tow or plastic coated metal pipes to build retaining structure.
  • Use special clips to install shade net. The clips should be mounted at a maximum distance of 50 cm from each other on the edge of the shade cloth.

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