Anti frost net effects

Anti frost net effects

Gardens damages due to frosting has always been occurred in many regions through the world because of their local climate. Usually, this damage occurs in specific period of times during winter and spring. Freezing dew drops on trees at midnight or daybreak as well as intense cold air flow causes considerable damage to crops and trees which can completely destroy the crops. By covering crops and trees with employing Anti frost net, dew drops would be frozen in mesh holes of anti-frost net instead of freezing on crops and blossoms. Therefore, no damages due this issue would be happened. Moreover, because of anti-frost net textile which is like small pores, speed of cold wind and airflow would be reduced and as a result, cold stream would be diffused less.
Anti-frost net has been employed for various types of crops and trees such as: citrus, apple, almond, cucurbits and etc. This protective net has been manufactured resistant against sunlight by adding additives like: UV stabilizer and their life time is estimated about 5 years (30 months guaranty). Toorineh Baft Co. as a leader manufacturer of Raschel bags and protective nets such as: shade net, anti-hail net in Middle East has manufactured this product and examined it in many regions. Results, indicated considerable decrease in damages and loss due to frost.
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