About us

Top Manufacturer of Greenhouse Canopies, Protective & Safety Lattices (Building Envelopes) and Rachel Lattice Bags

Turine Baft Factory Complex with Turine brand, produces various types of Rachel net bags and protective nets, which are specialized for various uses in the agricultural industry (greenhouse, horticulture, agriculture, etc.) as well as other industries such as: fisheries, livestock, construction And ... is. The products of this company have the highest quality and durability compared to their other competitors due to the use of the best additives, including: Anti UV and European pigments.

In addition to various uses in the agricultural industry (packaging of agricultural products, greenhouse canopy nets, frost protection nets as well as bird protection nets, etc.), Turin Baft products have various other uses such as: landscaping, sun protection And wind and hail is the safety net in the construction industry, the shade net for pools and farms. The experts of the sales department of this company are ready to explain and guide you more in order to make the right choice for the consumers.